Society of 1924

The Legacy Society of the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln

The Society of 1924 recognizes individuals and families who have indicated to the Community Foundation that they have made provisions in their estate plans to bequeath assets to the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln. Members of the Society of 1924 may choose to make bequests through their will, trust, beneficiary designations or other methods.

The origins of the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln date back to 1924, when it was known as the Sangamon County Foundation. After lying relatively dormant for nearly 80 years, the Foundation was reborn in 2002 as a full-functioning community foundation. Those local citizens who originally founded the Community Foundation in the early part of the 20th century left a great legacy to their community. It is in honor of their vision that the Foundation’s legacy society is named the Society of 1924.

Planning Your Legacy

What good work can I do?
You can support the arts, enrich education, protect the environment, and provide human services, safeguard health, foster a stronger community and more. Our staff has broad expertise and can target grants to make a difference where they are needed most.

Tell us what is important to you.

When should I include the gift in my estate plan?
Any time you are drafting or changing your will or estate plan, you may want to consider charitable gifts. Your financial or legal advisor can provide guidance related to your personal estate, beneficiaries, income goals, taxes, and other considerations. In addition, you may find it simpler to designate the community foundation as a beneficiary to your 401(k), IRA or life insurance policy. When you notify us of your intentions, you automatically become a member of the Society of 1924. Click here for sample bequest language for your will.

Must I give a large portion of my estate to join the Legacy Society?
No. We realize individual circumstances vary. We value and appreciate all gifts, and believe the best gift is the one that's right for the giver.

How do I plan a legacy gift?
Call your estate advisors, talk to us, or consult with both. We provide confidential philanthropic services to prospective donors and their advisors, without pressure or obligation. Making a legacy gift is easy:

  • Make a beneficiary designation or include the Foundation in your estate plan. Our legal name is "Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, Inc.".
  • Notify us of your intentions so we can invite you to be a member of the Society of 1924.
  • Upon your death, your gift can be added to an existing fund or we can establish a new fund in the name you've chosen; we invest the funds, make grants honoring your charitable intentions, and handle all administrative tasks.

Why do people give to charity through their estate plans?
Planning an estate gift allows you to strategically accomplish both financial and charitable objectives. For some people, a large charitable gift during their lifetime can be financially uncomfortable - since they may be uncertain about their health, wealth and personal commitments. An estate gift may make more sense. You can still fulfill your personal goals of preserving your family name, honoring loved ones, providing for heirs, minimizing tax burdens and supporting the community you call home.

What assets should I give?
Your professional advisors can recommend your most tax-advantaged assets any time you make a charitable gift. Many people choose to give stocks, real estate and other highly appreciated assets during their lifetime and designate 401(k), IRA, and other retirement assets upon their death.

Sample Estate Gift Language

When making or updating your will, please consider a gift to the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln. An estate-planning attorney can assist you in adding one of the following paragraphs to your will: “I hereby give and bequeath $____________ to the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, Inc. to be used (for its general purposes) (for [specific purpose]).” -or- “I hereby give, devise and bequeath (the residue) (____% of the residue) of my estate to the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, Inc. to be used (for its general purposes) (for [specific purpose]).” Our legal name is Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, Inc. Please call for more information.

community leaf Society of 1924

The following people have chosen to make this commitment publicly as an inspiration to others. We thank them and those who wish to remain anonymous for their generosity and forethought. Their bequests will ensure a stronger future for our community, forever.

Anonymous (15)
Deborah Bandy
J. Michael & Sandy Barker
Erich & Mary Bloxdorf
Michael* & Ann Marie Boer
Garland Brown*
Monica & Scott Bucek
Diane M. Cape
Charles* & Nancy* Chapin
Dave Clinard & Dana Shanholtzer Clinard
James Coble*
Patrick F. Coburn*
Robert & Nancy Colantino
G. Virginia Conlee
Nancy Cooley
William Hughes Diller, Jr. *
Daniel & Carolyn Dungan
John & Linda Eck
Peter Ellertsen & Debi Edmund-Ellertsen
Howard & Frances Emerson
Russell* & Delores* Esela
Jane Ford
Vena Garrett
Randy & Kathy Germeraad
Barb Glover
Kelly A. Grant Jr. & Karen Grant
Walter* & Sue* Hanson
Ed & Kate* Hein
Terri Hempstead
Vera B. Herst
John Hobbs, Jr.*
Henriette Hodde*
Dan & Kendal Hoselton
Kevin Hyatt*
John Dale & Ronee C. Kennedy
Margaret Kincaid*
Herb Kobialka
Carl and Cynthia Lamar
Bill & Viktorija Legge
Thomas & Mary Mann
Edna S. Marx*
Michael Meseke & Jill Halverson Meseke
Saul Morse & Anne Morgan
Mary Mucciante
Thomas & Doreen O’Brien
Dan Punzak
Marion E. Richter
Steve & Diane Rutledge
William* & Mary* Schnirring
Jeanne Scott*
Cathy Schwartz & John Shafer
Barry & Deborah Shultz
Larry & Linda Smith
Bruce Sommer
Harvey B. & Judy Stephens
Stephen & Lisa Stone
John & Trina Stremsterfer
Marjorie Stromme*
Alan & Marty Stutz
Don & Wanda Tracy
Thomas & Rebecca Trutter
Leon* & Linda Tryon
Robert D.* & Marilyn* Uteg
Brad & Julie Zara
William R. Zimmer, M.D.
Evelyn Zimmerman*
*Denotes deceased

If you wish to be listed as a member of the Society of 1924, please contact us at 217-789-4431 so others can learn of the importance you have placed on endowing the future.